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Favorite things – february edition

It’s that time again!  Time to share my favorite things!

I love reading people’s favorite things lists.  My hope by doing my favorite things list  you will get to know me better and maybe I can share about something you’ve never heard of or tried before.  So let’s dive right in!

Favorite Thing #1:  Gracefully Wrapped Jewelry

I found THE CUTEST Etsy shop recently.  The jewelry maker’s name is Marianne and she is the sweetest woman with 3 beautiful children and one on the way.  She is a Godly soul and her entire shop and jewlery are based on the fact that we are all wrapped in the grace of God.  I love supporting small shops and even more so, women who are using their talents to give God the glory.  Besides all that……she creates the most beautiful jewelry!  The one on the left is my daily go-to necklace.

It’s so nice to combine what I wear with my faith

There is a tiny mustard seed inside reminding me everyday that it only takes faith as little as a mustard seed to do great things for Him.  I just recently added my initial to it.  Sometimes when I’m struggling with something or worrying about something I’ll unconsciously hold that little necklace/mustard seed and sometimes it is able to calm my fears.  I see it as God’s sweet gift to me.  Go and check her site out – you may want to do it soon as her 4th little one will be making an appearance next month!  You can find her shop HERE .

Favorite Thing #2:  Redkin Rough Paste

I love this stuff!  If you know me at all, you know that I have tried and tried and tried to grow my hair out – SO.  MANY.  TIMES.  I always end up getting way too hot and cutting it all off short.  When I do have my hair short, I like volume – the bigger the better sometimes!  I think I should be a Texan – from my knowledge women there all like big hair :):)

Using the right product is essential to get the volume you want

Anyway, when my hair is shorter, after I blow dry and curl it I’ll put just about a 1/2 inch sized dollup in my hand and rub it between my palms.  I then apply the rough paste to my hair and restyle.  Takes all of 2 seconds and it stays put ALL DAY!  This stuff is MAGIC really!!  I usually pick mine up at our local grocery store for around $20.  It lasts me about 6 weeks – so worth it!!

Redkin rough paste product

Favorite Thing #3: Love the Home you Have

Full disclosure…..I’m only 1/2 way through this book, but that’s how good it is.  It’s a very easy read, but puts things into perspective.  In this comparison world of instagram and facebook we live in, it’s so easy to see other people’s homes and want what they have – been there done that for sure!!  This book is SUCH a great reminder that no matter where we live (whether in a small appartment or a 3 story home) we can be content.  It’s a mind set.

Creating a home is one of the joys I experience.

Making our house feel like a home is really important to me.  Making it a safe place for our kids to grow up and our adult kids to come back to is a big priority for me.  Reading different ways to create that space is great!  Reading about contentment is even greater.  It’s a great read!  I got my book through Amazon prime.  The book is  called Love the Home you Have by Melissa Michaels.

Favorite Thing #4:  Long hot baths!!

So this is a really strange one, I know, but if you haven’t heard before – Michigan was snowed in all last week with a never before experienced (or at least in a LONG time) Polar Vortex.  What is a polar vortex you may ask…..well it’s when you get about 2 feet of snow followed by sub zero temperatures and even MORE sub zero windchill!  I believe we had -10 degrees at one point with it actually feeling like (windchill) -40 degrees.  It was dangerous to go outside – meteorologists told us that we could experience frost bite under 5 minutes!

What do you do for snow days with your kids?

So for 7 straight days – we were house bound…..and COLD.  I think I took a bath every single night.  I have the best husband in the world in that he draws me a bath without even asking me now – he knows when I need one!  It is one of the most relaxing things that I do for myself.  Get the water as HOT as I can get it, light a candle, and read a book or watch a movie…….HEAVEN!!!  From what I’ve heard, people tend to either love baths or hate them.  For me….they rank right up there with getting a massage! 🙂

hot bath

Favorite thing #5: Peppermint essential oil

I haven’t always “believed in” essential oils and what they are said to be able to do….that is until I got myself some peppermint!!  I am in the midst of menopause and all the LOVELY things that come along with that part of life – NOT!!  I have been experiencing hot flashes for several years.  It’s bad.  Thankfully, I don’t get the night time hot flashes, but boy do they kick in EVERY other time of the day!  My poor husband, Greg…..he’s always cold and well…..yea you guessed it, I’m ALWAYS hot!!  We’ve both learned how to dress in layers since this new phase I’m in….his layers to keep him warm…..mine – to peel off throughout the day.  My sister suggested peppermint essential oil – I was desperate so I tried it.

Have you ever tried essential oils before?  How many times did it take you before you were sold?

The first time I put it on the back of my neck it felt like it was boring a hole through to my spinal cord!!  IT KILLED!!!  She kept on telling me to keep trying it, so I did – I stuck to it.  Today?  It doesn’t only go on the back of my neck, but down the front of my neck, on my wrists, behind my knees…..well, you get the picture.  It’s working for me 🙂  I purchase Young Living oils, but there are several other brands and off brands you can also try.  Just be careful not to get it into your eyes!

Diffuser with essential oils

Well, that’s it for another month of My Favorite Things.  I hope you learned a little bit more about me and also some new things for you to try!  What are some of YOUR favorite things for this month?  Would love to hear what would make your list!  Comment below and tell me something I don’t know about you! 🙂


  • Stephanie

    Love your list! Here’s a few of mine: massages (get one every 6-8 weeks!), currently ready Bob Goff’s “Love Does” – FUNNY!!, puzzles and I’m like you girl, gotta have me some chai everyday! 🙂

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