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What is the difference between a house and a home?

How has the use of your house changed through the years?

A year of change at our house.  For those that may not know a bit about my family, let me explain.  We have 8 children total.  1 in heaven and 7 here on earth.  6 of them are in the span of 5 years.  Yes, we had 5 teenagers at one point!  Hence our gray hair!!! 🙂 But I have to say that I LOVE the gray in Greg’s beard!  He is cuter today than when we met over 30 years ago – hubba hubba!!! :):)


I digress….which I do quite often….so back to the teenagers.  Yes, 5 teenagers at once.  My mom also had 8 children and always told me that she would SKIP over those teenage years if she could.  So, before heading into those hormone filled years, I was DETERMINED that I was going to LOVE having teenagers.  I was going to have so much fun with our teenagers.  They were going to come to us with their problems.  We would be the place where all their friends would want to come and hang out.  I was going to be the BEST mom to these teenagers ever!!




Yea…..I was living a PIPE DREAM!!!!  My mom was right….and those are bitter words to swallow! 🙂  These teenage years were some of the most difficult years that Greg and I have lived – bar none.  I just may turn into one of those mom’s who also say to her children that if I could, I would SKIP over these past years.  Although, I’m sure that our daughters are going to be amazing moms who LOVE their teenagers!

Life with teenagers in your house can be trying but filled with memories.

Many of these years were filled with lectures, groundings, frustrations, and valleys.  But they were also filled with laughter, fun family vacations, joys, and mountain tops.  Were they hard?  You better believe it!!  Were they fun?  Probably NOT the word I’d choose… perhaps somewhat enjoyable – maybe?!?! 🙂  But we made it through puberty phase 1 (phase 2 we’ll be entering once again in a few years with Lydia and Ben!).  NOW we hear all of the stories that happened WITHOUT our knowledge from our now adult children.  Can you relate?  Didn’t know that anyone ever snuck out of our house until they told us years after the fact.

Our house is filled with memories.  Chuck full.  Good ones.  Great ones.  Horrible ones.  Never forgettable ones.  And it’s home.  That all being said, Greg and I now find ourselves in a home made for many children with many bedrooms (7 to be exact, although one is now my prayer room and one is our new office).  This past winter we were really contemplating whether or not God was wanting us to move on and downsize – MAYBE to a smaller house that has a pool!!  Those of you who know me, know how LONG I have begged Greg for a pool! 🙂  We decided we were going to pray about it for 3 months and see what He was telling us to do….move on or stay.

What was God wanting us to do with our current house?  Should we stay or should we go?

After those months we both came to the conclusion that He was asking us to stay where we were for right now.  Great.  We both agreed on it, but we both still felt the need for a new beginning.  Coming out of those rough years, we just wanted to start over to be honest.  So we decided that we were going to update our house and redecorate.  For the next several months, that is just what we did.  Wanna see?  I would love to show you what we did to start over.  Parenting teens 2.0 begins….bring it!

I’m hoping to share with you the changes we made throughout the next several months.  I love making a house into a home.  A house is a building where people live together.  A HOME….. well, that’s a whole other story.  It’s been said that “a house is made of bricks and beams.  A home is made of hopes and dreams”.  A home is a place where people should feel safe being themselves.  Where they can be their goofy, silly selves.  Where they can joke with their siblings and argue with their parents 🙂   A home has certain smells doesn’t it? Like that certain smell only your home has.  Know what I mean?  Ever been on vacation for a while and the first steps into coming home and it’s there – that smell….the smell of being home?



Let the changes begin…..

If you’re anything like me, you love before and after pictures….hang on….there’ll be plenty of those 🙂  Let’s start with the heart of the home…..the kitchen!! :):) Those who know me well know that I LOVE to paint rooms and our kitchen is the perfect example of this.  When we moved in it was painted a red color.  Deep red.  Hey, no judgement that was “in” back in 2003!!!


Then it turned gray for a while and then another brown before I landed on this color brown…..I know….I was crazy!!! 🙂  It stayed this way the longest.




And then came this year and I worked with the sweetest woman who has her own interior decorating business.  Her name is Rachel Jewell from Posh Bungalow Designs.  She came to help me choose out the colors that I had in my mind but couldn’t find anywhere at a paint store.  She was fabulous to work with and really knew what I was looking for.  You can look  her up on facebook  @poshbungalowdesigns.

I absolutely LOVE our kitchen now!!!  It’s so bright and airy!!  These pictures are by no means staged, but just so you can get an idea of the color (which is Sherwin Williams – Beach Glass).


I’ve changed a few things up since these pictures actually and this is what this area now looks like.  This sign is one of my favorite hymns of all time! 🙂


For now….

I love spending time in the kitchen.  It really is, or can be, the heart of your home.  T.S. Eliot once said, “Home is where one starts from”.  My prayer is that our children had and still have a safe place to come back to.  I pray that anyone will feel welcomed when they enter and loved on when they leave.  For now……for Greg and I……we’re home.

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