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Welcome to my little space. Hope you stay awhile!


Welcome to my little space!

Welcome!  This has been on ongoing dream of mine for the past several years – to create a space where I can encourage, humor, and provide Hope to other moms (or dads for that matter! :))  I had a blog about 10 years ago, but it was more of a place where I could process a major loss I experienced – more on that to come.  These past several months, I felt God convict me to return to blogging and encourage other mom’s who are “doing life” the best they know how.  My hope is that this will be a spot where

  • you can find encouragement
  • learn about and walk with each other in our grief
  • share a few recipes perhaps
  • learn about and encourage each other in adoption issues
  • laugh a little – and hopefully ALOT!

10 interesting facts about me and my life:

  • My husband, Greg and I, have 8 children. 3 that I gave birth to naturally and 5 that we gave birth to through adoption
  • August 10 is our anniversary – 27 years as of 2018!
  • I’ve been to Nicaragua, Russia – actually Siberia X4, Guatemala…would only return to the 1st and 3rd. 🙂
  • We just became grandparents to a beautiful girl named Lyla Rae.  I’m learning this grandma gig is pretty darn great!
  • I do NOT homeschool (absolutely NO offense to those that do – I always say that I love our children but I also love our kid’s Christian school too!
  • I used to be a nurse before our kids were born
  • I cliff jumped during our last family vacation #thingsIwantedtodobeforeIturn50
  • Chai tea
  • Spending time with my friends
  • I have never went skinny dipping as an adult – yet…. 🙂  And no….I shall not post a picture with this! 🙂

In this little space of mine I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my family, stories of when our older kids were young, thoughts on certain topics like adoption, grief, home décor, recipes, maybe a free printable or two, and whatever else drops into my mind.

So Welcome to!  I hope you stay awhile!

I will be starting slowly by writing only 1 post per week.  This way I can get my feet wet doing this thang! :)Bear with me as I learn and have several glitches to work through I’m sure.  Would love to get your thoughts and feedback…please share!

I leave you with a few of my favorite things…

  • a really good dessert – MUST include chocolate!
  • quiet time on my deck in our hammock with a good book
  • Thursdays – they are Greg and my date days
  • Amazon prime… is my Achilles heel 🙂
  • the sound a campfire makes and the smell of burning wood
  • manis and pedis with our girls
  • shopping at Hobby Lobby or Target
  • the feel of Greg’s arm around me while sitting in church. I know, extremely weird  but it just feels like HOME at that moment (I can see our kid’s eyes rolling already!)
  • hairspray –  (what does Beth Moore say? “the bigger the hair the closer to God”  Was it her that said that?  who knows!?!?!?)
  • being creative whether writing, scrapbooking, decorating, or baking 🙂

I hope that we’ll get to know one another as time goes on.  Maybe we can virtually sit down once in a while with a cup of coffee or chai tea and shoot the breeze sometime.

Until then…pressing on



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