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The Power of the Cross

It’s Easter Week

I don’t know about any of you….but Easter truly is my favorite holiday of the year!  For so many different reasons

  • it means that spring is here or close (depending on when Easter falls)
  • it means that the long winter is over and new life is coming
  • I used to LOVE getting the older kids their new Easter outfits for church
  • but most importantly, I love what Easter stands for – Jesus’ resurrection from the dead!  His overcoming death and Satan!  I’ll explain later why this is so important to me

Caleb & Grace Easter pic


Older 6 Easter picture

Caleb, Grace, Abby, Luke, Lydia, Ben Easter pic

Wow….looking back at those pictures brings back so many memories!  Such a busy time of life that was!  Typically, for Easter, we would get together with our family for dinner and then have an Easter egg hunt.  We’d get the traditional picture of all the cousins with baskets on their heads….I really don’t know how that started!

Grace and Ben easter baskets


cousins easter baskets

That was always a minor miracle to get everyone’s attention when all they’re wanting to do is to look for the candy eggs! But traditions are great that way.

So much more, though, ever since 2008; Easter has taken on more meaning than ever for me.  You see… Easter 2008 was the first Easter after Seth died.  I was dreading that day, but it turned into such a celebration for me.  We usually go to our Sonrise service at church.  Every year our church is invited up front and join our choir to sing the Hallelujah Chorus.  I just couldn’t get myself to go that year.  I stayed back at the bench and let the song wash over me – and I sobbed and I celebrated.  It was so beautiful that I almost felt as if I had died and gone to Heaven myself.

What Easter started to mean to me….

That Easter – the meaning of Easter changed for me.  That Easter – it was the first time I think that I truly celebrated it the way that made God happy.  I finally got it.  I was living the meaning out.  I knew the story – Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane on Good Friday.  Being handed over to the soldiers. Tried. Convicted. Sentenced to death.  Flogged.  Beaten.  Spat on.  Carried His own cross.  Crucified.  Forgave. Died. and Buried.  Then Easter morning….no body. Stone rolled away.  Women finding an empty tomb. Jesus saying Mary’s name.  Risen.

I have been taught that story my entire life.  It wasn’t until Easter of 2008 that I first LIVED Easter.  I feel actually quite embarrassed to say that.  I should have been LIVING it my entire life.  I didn’t even KNOW that I wasn’t living it!  (Did that one make sense? :))  I experienced it for the first time on that Spring Day.

Because He lives…..

I can face tomorrow.  You know that song?  Because He lives….all fear is gone.  Because I KNOW who holds the future.  My life is worth the living….just because He lives. On that bench… at my church… that Sunday morning we were one less child.  Our Seth had been gone for about 4 months.  We were heavy into our grief – but THAT Easter Sunday morning….I experienced the true meaning of Easter.  It was ONLY because of Easter – the death and resurrection of my Savior –

  • that I know without a doubt where our son is.  He is singing with the angels – as off key as he always sang….well, maybe in Heaven he’s in tune?! :):)
  • that I know without a doubt I WILL hold our son again!
  • that I will be singing and praising my Savior side by side with all my loved ones.

Oh, what a day that will be!!

Now, Heaven is so much more real to me.  Knowing someone that I love so deeply is living there… happy there…..who has never been more content in his life there.  I just cannot wait to get there myself!!  Oh, what a day that will be!!  Music can be so healing can’t it?  So many songs affect us in different ways.  Just talking about Heaven here reminds me of the newer song out now by the Afters called Well Done – SUCH a good one!!  Here….let me attach it for you if you haven’t heard it before….


Another song that I wanted to share with you today is a hymn called “The Power of the Cross”.  I cannot get through this song without tearing up.  Listen to the words….really listen….they are so powerful.  I’ve included the lyrics for you to print out if you’d like.



What are your Easter traditions?  What does Easter mean to you?  Would love to hear your thoughts!  Comment below and have a wonderful Easter Holiday!!

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