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Spring is here!!

or so the calendar says

So my family and I just returned from an early spring break to visit our son, daughter-in-love, and grandbaby! They live in New Mexico….we, on the other hand, live in Michigan. Temperatures were quite different! It is decidedly colder here today – but sunny and I will take the sun!!

We went earlier than the scheduled spring break our little ones have because Greg has to work this spring break and we wanted our older daughters to be able to join us so we went during their spring break. What a great time having most of our family together! Grace couldn’t come until the day before we were to leave so, unfortunately, we didn’t get any pictures with everyone – bummer! But we did get a few great ones, though….let me share 🙂

Greg, Jolynn, and Lyla in Ruidoso, NM


Caleb, SId, and Lyla in Ruidoso, NM
Our son, Caleb with his beautiful wife, Sidney, and their sweet little Lyla



Our youngest son, Ben with Lyla



Youngest daughter, Lydia, and Lyla


our daughter Abby with….yup….Lyla :):)


Our oldest daughter, Grace, holding onto her niece….getting a theme here about what our vacation was about? 🙂


We had such a great time spending it with the kids and Sidney’s parents.  We are so blessed that our son has such an amazingly loving wife and extended family!

So we got back and now I am in FULL BLOWN spring mode!  Final Christmas trees (that were a part of my winter decor) are coming down, hopefully, patio furniture going up, and screens are going to be clean for the open window season to begin!  With that mindset, I thought I’d give you a free gift! 🙂  I created 11 free spring printables for you!  Sign up to get my blog updates and I’ll get you this free gift!  I hope you enjoy them!



Share with me!  What are some of your favorite things about spring?  Comment below and let’s share! 🙂






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