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Random Acts of Holiday Kindness can make a difference!

Serving others with random acts of kindness not only affects the ones you serve – but it blesses you too!

One of my love languages I have found is gift giving.  I LOVE to encourage people with something a little special they weren’t expecting.  Whether it’s something in the mail, a text, a little gift, or a gift card – it doesn’t have to be anything large or expensive.  It’s the thought that counts and makes a difference!  Have you ever experienced giving something like this or been on the receiving end of someone’s random act of kindness?

One of my favorite random acts of kindness anytime of the year is in a drive thru.  Whether that’s a fast food place or a drive thru coffee shop I love surprising the person behind me with paying for their order.  I always wonder what their reactions are.  I’ve had that happen to me once and I thought about that person throughout the entire day and it brought a smile to my face each time!

chai tea drive thru


It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day

A random act of kindness doesn’t even need to cost anything but time.  Have you ever shoveled someone’s driveway? Stopped along the side of the road to help someone who is stuck? (you always needs to be cautious when interacting with strangers though.  It probably would be wise to have somone else with you with this idea :)).  Ever made some cookies and brought them to a neighbor or bring someone a meal who needs to be loved on?  Ever been in a checkout lane at a store and the cashier was obviously having a hard day?  How about just complimenting her on  how well she’s helping you out.  A single compliment could change her/his entire day!

When I was in high school writing notes or cards used to be our way of texting

Another favorite random act that I like to do is writing cards.  Each Sunday, at some point of the day, I think about who would benefit from a piece of “real mail”.  We rarely get any fun mail, so when we see a handwritten card – it’s usually the first one that is opened isn’t it??!! 🙂  I believe that God places people on my heart at just the time they are needing some encouragement.  This is such a great way to be the hands and feet of Christ in such a simple way!


One time I was having coffee with a friend when this little girl came up to us with a flower!  It was valentines day and she and her mom were handing out flowers to random people.  It was the sweetest thing and totally made our day!

valentines day girl giving flower


Involve your entire family in a random act of kindness!

We used to have a tradition during the Christmas season when the older 6 kids were little.  I would spend a day baking dozens of cookies and candy and then package up on Christmas plates.  We would wait until Greg got home from work and after dinner.  Each child would be able to choose who they wanted to deliver the plate of goodies to.  We would pile into our huge 12 passenger van….cue the grumbling and arguing….and drive to several different homes.  Once at the door…..wait for it……oh yea……we would start singing a very rousing and extremely off key version of “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” while the kids would ring their jingle bells!  I.  LOVED.  EVERY.  MINUTE.  OF.  IT!!!!!!  I loved being together with the kids.  I loved the smiles (and sometimes tears!) we’d receive from families.  I loved drinking the hot chocolate once we got back.  Every last iota of baking, caroling, and serving was such a fun tradition!  Ask any of them they’ll immediately groan and complain how horrible caroling used to be! 🙂

What kind of random acts of kindness have you experienced or gifted?  Would love to hear about them!




  • Mary

    The very first time I bought the food for the vehicle behind me, the truck sped to catch up with me at the first stoplight and rolled down their window to say they were college students and now had renewed hope in mankind, were so grateful and blessed and nothing like that had ever happened to them before! All this unexpected joy only cost me $2.11!

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