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My Top 5 Favorite Things of the Month

April Edition

I always love doing these posts each month!  I like sharing with you some of my favorite things I use or enjoy regularly around our home.  What are some of your favorite things you use around the house?  Would love to hear some of your favorites!  Comment below and share with me! 🙂  If you’d like to see what my favorites were some other months you can see them HERE, or  HERE,

Onto this month’s list….

#1:  Grove Collective Soap Collection

I just purchased and started using this about a month ago.  To be completely honest, I got it because I liked the LOOK of it!  The clean lines, white and clear containers, silver pumps, clear soaps, and the cute little scrub brush!  It was exactly what I was looking for for that spot! To be completely transparent, I don’t like the dish soap that much.  It takes about 8 pumps of the soap to get any kind of suds to wash dishes and then it disappears within minutes.  I need to find another kind of clear dish soap – any suggestions? The hand soap and hand cream, however….I love.

The little scrubber….so stickin cute AND super useful!  You add a little soap and water in the container, push the brush up and down a little bit and the soap goes right on it!  Our kids don’t mind doing dishes as much when they have “fun” little tools to use!

Grove Collective is an organization that does single purchases or you can get on a subscription basis with them. If you’d like to try any of their products – here is the link: Hand & Dish Soap SetHandcreamScrubber Set, White rectangular dish

I actually got this as an entire set and didn’t have to purchase separately but I can’t find it on their website anymore – it could have been a monthly special that had ended.  Sorry about that!

#2:  Gratitude Journal

I’ve been trying to keep up with this spiritual discipline more regularly this year.  As with anything new I start, I LOVE getting the fun products to use.  This is the journal that I purchased from a dear sweet artist I met.  Her name is Heather Gilion and she is an amazing artist!  Her website is called Story Designs.  Her personal story is an amazing one filled with grief, love, and healing.  I’ve purchased a few of her art pieces and my gratitude journal!

The benefits of actually writing down what you’re grateful for are many:

  • seeing your blessings throughout your day
  • being able to look back at your blessings on those days that are difficult.  It reminds you that life isn’t as bad as it may seem
  • to create a more positive outlook on life
  • to be thankful to God for the blessings He has given me each day
  • to be thankful for the little things that I  may not think about throughout the day

Try it sometime – it just may be transformational for your life!

#3:  Patio furniture

Ok, that sounds a little strange – saying patio furniture as being one of my favorites, but let me explain.  Here in Michigan, after the long cold winters we have, when spring does finally arrive everyone is itching to get outside.  Hanging out on our deck is one of my favorite places to be especially before it gets too hot in the summer to enjoy it.  The mornings are my absolute favorite.  It’s quiet (usually – although there is a subdivision going up behind us and there is a lot of construction noise right now :))  But being out there with my coffee and having my devotional time……no better way to start the day in my opinion.

Not just for the mornings….

The newest edition to our deck is this fire table.  We have used it on the cooler nights and even roasted marshmellows for smores once!  The mornings can still be quite chilly and having a little fire going just adds to the cozy atmosphere.  We purchased this patio furniture from Ashley Home Furnishings and have been super happy with it!  It’s very light weight and easy to store.  Here are the links to our patio set:

#4:  Lambs Ear

Man….I have some really strange ones this month!  I just can’t tell you how much I love this stuff for decorating though!  It’s the perfect blue-ish gray for the colors of our home and just the right texture.  I use it several places around our home – on our office shelves, in our living room, on our kitchen table.  It’s really versatile – you could even put two stems together and arrange it sporadically on the top of your kitchen cabinets.  I always wait until it goes on sale at Hobby Lobby and then I hoard them! 🙂  I’ve even seen people use it in those white flocked Christmas trees like this

Here is a link to Hobby Lobby for the lamb’s ear stems

#5: My Pillow pillow

It’s official….this is my strangest list to date! 🙂  I don’t know about you but as i get older sleep is harder to come by.  Between these menopause hot flashes and the insomnia…I can use all the help I can get!  I have tried so many different pillows throughout the years – expensive memory foam ones to the inexpensive Kohl’s super cheap ones….not until I splurged and purchased a My Pillow did I eventually find a keeper.

I’ll be the first to say the commercials are HIGHLY annoying but shoot….if they work – who cares!  I waited until they went on a buy one get one free sale from here.

I have had the best night’s sleep with these guys…any of you try them?  What are your thoughts?

So there you go!  Another month of my favorites!  Hope you found something you liked and want to try!  Let me know if you do end up trying some – would like to hear if they become some of your favorites too! 🙂

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