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How to surprise your husband for your anniversary

Wanna hear about a really fun way to surprise your husband?

So Greg and I are celebrating our 27th anniversary this summer.  Not a major one, but in today’s world – something to be celebrated for sure!  Do you ever do the “what-were-we-doing-at-this-time ” game?  We always seem to re-live our wedding on our anniversary.  Pretty normal, I’m sure.  It’s fun thinking back to those early years.  It seems like a LIFETIME ago!!  Do you ever have a hard time knowing what to do or how to celebrate your anniversary every year?  This year was especially difficult for us to figure out what to do.  We wanted to do something fun and different but were stuck trying to figure out what that was!  Enter Facebook ads…..

Those dreaded advertisements get me every time!

Y’all have seen them I’m sure.  You’re scrolling through your feed and up pops an ad about the same kind of item you recently just purchased from Amazon.  Anyone else just a little “weirded” out by that?  Conspiracy theorists go CRAZY with those kinds of things I’m sure.  You just LOOK at something from a store and the next thing you know – you’re seeing it pop up when you’re on Facebook!  So I don’t quite understand when an ad for Pack up and Go appears since I haven’t been looking at any travel packages (FYI this is not an ad for Pack up and Go just my experience with it).  It looked interesting so I clicked on it.  Anyone ever hear of this travel agency before?  Of course I was a little skeptical at first.

Ever look at travel agency websites and the promotions they offer?

Pack up and Go is a surprise travel agency that puts together 3 day packages for people who register, fill out a profile, and choose a budget.  Here’s how it works:  the profile you fill out asks what you like or don’t like to do while on vacation, where you’ve traveled recently (so as not to send you somewhere you’ve just been), how many travelers that are in your group, and the budget you have to spend.  Then the agency books the travel and accommodations, but keeps it a surprise from you! 🙂

A week before you’re to leave they send you an email which includes items to pack, weather conditions, and where to go and when.  For us, our email told us to pack a camera, walking shoes, and our appetites!  It told us to be at the airport at a specific date and time. Nothing else.  No clues about where we’d be going.  Just that it was going to be warm and the location has many places to explore and eat.

Ok, for Greg…..that was enough.  He didn’t want to know anymore than what they told us.  For me?!?!?!?!?  SOOOOO the opposite.  I.  Am.  Terrible.  With.  Surprises.  Period.  When I know there’s a surprise I try every means to figure out what it is.   I went to the weather app in search of places that were going to be that same temperature they told us.  I narrowed down the choices to about 3 places!  I went to their website and looked at all the pictures they posted from people who had gone on vacation with them.  Pictures of happy people holding signs that say “Your off to….”.   I think I should become a private investigator!

Surprises and Jolynn are NOT a good mix!

A few days before you’re to leave they send you the envelope.  An 8X11 sized envelope with no print on the back whatsoever.  Yup…you know what I did….I held that envelope up to the light to see if I could see anything.  I must not have been the first to do that since all I saw printed on the paper inside was “No peeking”.  Seriously?!?!?!?  This was killing me!  I asked Greg if he didn’t have any desire to open up the envelope before we left.  He said no.  NO!?!?!?!?!  are you kidding me?!?!?!  He did what was the most logical thing he knew what to do – he hid the envelope from me.


The day before we were to leave, the agency sends you an updated weather forecast of where they chose for us to go.  So my instincts kicked in a compared that information with the information that I had previously figured out – now the places that were possible slimmed down to 2 and I was going to have to wait until the next morning to find out where, in fact, we’d be going.

Drum Roll please……

We go to the airport with the UNOPENED envelope (sheesh!).  We get there and we finally figure it out…..

We were going to Denver!  We haven’t been to Denver for several years and never just the two of us.  We were so excited!  Greg was such a trooper doing this with me.  I was looking so forward to fly away with only my husband!  We had a beautiful weekend together walking around downtown Denver…

…trying different places to eat.  We even tried Peruvian food!  Found out that calamari was in fact squid!!  Greg tried it – lasted all of 3 seconds in his mouth! 🙂

We went to the zoo (after we experienced our first Uber ride!  Our kids were so proud – HA!).  We haven’t been to the zoo with just the two of us in such a long time!!

We were able to actually WATCH the animals for a while without having our arm pulled off by a little one wanting to go to see the next exhibit.

We ended that first day at the cutest little ice cream shop.  We were sitting at this counter for about 15 minutes before I saw how cute their logo actually is with the ‘E’ in the shape of an ice cream cone (don’t judge… was a long day!! :))

On Sunday we took a bus tour up to the Red Rock Ampitheatre.  It was so jaw droppingly beautiful!  These pictures do NOT do them justice – the scale of this theater is ginormous!!

We had such a great time together and now we need a weekend from our weekend! 🙂  I love to be able to do these things with Greg.  It’s so important to date each other in marriage – it keeps the relationship alive!  It was a VERY “out of our box” kind of thing to do but great memories were made together.  Surprises are great even after 27 years of marriage – well…..maybe they would be better if I KNEW what the surprise is going to be!! :):)

Have you ever done anything “out of the box” with your spouse?  Would love to hear from you so we can share ideas with each other!  Leave a comment below! 🙂









  • Meriel

    Nope, and we will be married 46 years in a couple days, can see we have missed out on living dangerously like you two youngins:) Jack and I are both like you so would of never done that, glad Greg pushed the envelope on going, what fun! Enjoy your journeys together in life, Our love Jack and Meriel

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