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Creating a house into a home

Family Room remodeling is a pain during the work, but so worth it in the end!

Today I wanted to share with you another room in our house that we updated this past year.  Next to the kitchen, our family room is probably the most used room in the house.  It’s where we hang out and watch tv – like most homes.  When we first built our house 15 years ago, our family looked VERY different.  The older 6 were in grade school and the importance of bedrooms was higher on our list than a great room was.  Now, when we’re down to only 2 at home, I wish we could do some MAJOR renovations to our house; but the finances and the support of Greg 🙂  were lacking :).  I really would have liked to somehow make our family room larger since we spend more time together as a family there now.  Someday I’ll get him to agree to demo some walls!!! 🙂  For now, we repainted and added some character.  Here are some before shots of our family room.

before shot of family room


Before picture of family room - corner


Changing the feel of the entire house feels like spring cleaning on steroids!

The color of the room – and our entire house for that matter were all warm colors.  This room was a warm sage-like color (sorry, I don’t have that specific color information any longer).  With the update this year, I chose more neutral cool colors.  I’m absolutely LOVING the new color!!

after picture of fireplace wall

after picture of family room - corner view

after picture of family room - wall view

Decorating is all in the details

This wall is a continual transformation.  It’s already different than this look.  Haven’t landed on exactly what I’d like – but I guess that’s part of the fun of decorating right? 🙂  My sister gave me the bar on top with the hanging elements.  I don’t know where she bought those unfortunately.  The clock (out of stock but this one is similar) , letters, word art, bird, and small faux plant all came from Hobby Lobby.

To add a little bit of character, I found these corbels at Hobby Lobby.  Don’t mind Sawyer – that is his current “spot” that he’s claimed for himself. 🙂

after family room picture with stairway corbels

after picture of family room - corbels

I was thinking about putting up faux beams in the entryways – but thought it would make the room look smaller.  These corbels are not as heavy, but still would have loved to have seen what faux beams would have looked like! 🙂

The entryway is the same color as the family room.  It is SO much brighter in here!  I love being able to decorate this little spot according to the season!  Still missing something – I just haven’t quite found it yet 🙂

After picture of entryway

Finally, this is the view above our doorway.  I LOVE being able to change the decor up there, but it’s such a pain to do so since it’s so high.  I chose something that would be universal for all seasons.  The sign is made from an etsy shop called 2daughtersheirlooms – if you are in the market of looking for great looking signs – search them up – they have some of the cutest items!! Entryway above the door

Making a home is made by the prayers said within its walls

Before the remodel, we had this painted above the door in the entryway.  I loved the meaning behind it and prayed that it was true for those who ever came to our home.  Jane Lee Logan once said that “It’s not the size of your house that makes a home, it’s the size of your heart”  I love that quote!  One of my biggest prayers is that anyone who enters our house feels at home and feels loved on.


How about you?  Do you like to decorate for different seasons or is home decor not in your wheelhouse? 🙂  What are some prayers you have for your home?  Comment below and share with me!

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