Fall is finally here – and so are the many fall traditions!

Some traditions that our family does includes apple picking and dessert making. Don’t you just love some traditions?  One of ours that our family does is to go apple picking once fall hits and the apples are ripe!  We’ve been doing this since the older kids were just little.  For several years we went apple … [Read more…]

5 Tips to enjoy Christmas – which is 3 months from today by the way!!

I.  Love.  Christmas!!    I love everything there is about Christmas.  The real reason of celebrating Christ’s birth, spending time together with family, cooking & baking, going Christmas caroling ( I’ll have to tell you sometime about when we had a tradition of taking the older 6 caroling – ask them and they’ll say they … [Read more…]

When everyone else is celebrating and your heart may be breaking

Back to school….back to schedule…back to pain? I.  Love.  School.  Have as a kid.  Have as an adult.  Have as a mom.  I always say that I wish I were “that mom” that would say, “NO! I don’t want summer to end!   I don’t want my kids to go back to school!”  to which my … [Read more…]