Protecting our children’s eyes when they’re online

Have children who are active online?  How do you protect them? A few weeks ago my husband Greg and I attended a seminar given by Protect Young Eyes organization.  According to their website (, their mission is to keep kids and teens safe from the dangers lurking on portable, Internet-ready devices.  Our 6 older kids … [Read more…]

5 Tips to enjoy Christmas – which is 3 months from today by the way!!

I.  Love.  Christmas!!    I love everything there is about Christmas.  The real reason of celebrating Christ’s birth, spending time together with family, cooking & baking, going Christmas caroling ( I’ll have to tell you sometime about when we had a tradition of taking the older 6 caroling – ask them and they’ll say they … [Read more…]

When everyone else is celebrating and your heart may be breaking

Back to school….back to schedule…back to pain? I.  Love.  School.  Have as a kid.  Have as an adult.  Have as a mom.  I always say that I wish I were “that mom” that would say, “NO! I don’t want summer to end!   I don’t want my kids to go back to school!”  to which my … [Read more…]

How to surprise your husband for your anniversary

Wanna hear about a really fun way to surprise your husband? So Greg and I are celebrating our 27th anniversary this summer.  Not a major one, but in today’s world – something to be celebrated for sure!  Do you ever do the “what-were-we-doing-at-this-time ” game?  We always seem to re-live our wedding on our anniversary.  … [Read more…]