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Big family transitions in a small 6# baby

Thoughts from a first time grandma (Oma)

Our family had a wonderful addition this past spring!  Last summer our oldest son, Caleb and his wife, Sidney, told us that they were expecting – and we were overjoyed.  Surprised as it had only been 3 weeks prior that we were in Montana watching them get married! 🙂  But we were so excited for them!  Watching them become parents during those 9 months was a beautiful thing to witness.  I was surprised once again when they asked if I wanted to be in the delivery room during labor.  They also asked Sid’s mom, Brenda, to be there as well.  I had never even thought about that being a possibility.  They were genuinely excited to have us both there that we couldn’t say no! 🙂

Fast forward 9 months to last April.  Sid went into labor a week early and Brenda was planning on flying in 3 days from when Sid actually went into labor.  We were all bummed that Brenda wasn’t able to make the delivery, but we face-timed her (with Caleb and Sid’s permission of course! :)) and so she was able to witness our little Lyla Rae being born.  What an absolute miracle to witness!!!  I was a nurse by trade years ago and had seen deliveries during nursing school – but watching our 1st grandbaby take her first breaths?!?!?  It was a gift I will always treasure!  The sheer magnitude of what I witnessed – reminded me again of God’s goodness and faithfulness.  I just watched another generation being born!!




We’re grandparents!!

Greg came up to the hospital that night and held his sweet little granddaughter for the first time and the memories came flooding back to me from almost 23 years prior when he held Caleb for the first time.  I thought that watching Greg become a dad would be the most proud of him I could be – doesn’t hold a candle to watching him hold Lyla for the first time.  I fell more in love with him in that second because all those years of joy, sorrow, heartache, and happiness had brought us to this moment in our lives.  Watching him become a grandpa – Opa – was such a beautiful moment for me.  The love he poured out on Lyla in those few moments….priceless and one of those times I will forever treasure in my heart.



It was a huge transition for all of us, but obviously mostly for Caleb and Sidney. 🙂  Becoming an Oma has brought so many feelings that I wasn’t ready or realized were coming.  What kind of Oma did I want to be?  How much is too much time wanting with Lyla?  Do we give them space to become a family or do we go over to their apartment every day?  Well…..maybe not every day 🙂  These were situations we all maneuvered through together and I may add done quite smoothly :).

This precious little one….she has brought so much joy to our family.  It’s amazing that a baby could bring that much happiness – but she has.  She’s growing beautifully and is just over 5 months now.  I remember so well when the kids were babies HOW MUCH they change in that first year!  It’s as if you could just sit and actually watch them grow!  And now look at them all today.  Where has that 23+ years gone?  Looking into the eyes of your next generation of children – it’s awesome and scary wrapped up in one little 6# package.


Prayers of a first time Oma

I was holding Lyla this morning as she fell asleep on my chest.  Best. Morning. Ever.  As I listened to her breathing slowly and watching her fall deeper asleep, the feeling of total trust fell over me.  This little one trusts in her parents and family for everything.  She obviously can’t do anything for herself yet – although she’s almost mastered putting her pacifier into her mouth independantly! 🙂  As I held her this morning I couldn’t help but pray over her.  So much to pray for!!  Her life is just beginning and I wonder what God has in store for her? She depends on her parents for everything.  Makes me wonder….do I depend on my heavenly Father for everything?  Do I even think about Him throughout the day?  As Lyla lay on my chest sleeping soundly, I’m pouring all the love I have for her into her.  Does she feel that love?  Do I feel my Father’s love pouring into me?  Such a profound thought for so early in the day.  Lyla, in her 5 short months of life, has already changed mine.  She’s encouraged me to lean into my Father’s arms and rest.  Sleep.  Trust.  Love.

This is my prayer for you my sweet little Lyla….I pray that you will grow physically.  I pray for health.  I pray that you will always feel the love being poured out onto you.  I pray for your tiny little heart.  I pray that someday you, too, will make a decision to give your heart to your heavenly Father.  I pray that someday you will fall in love with Him the way He already loves you sweet little one.  I pray for your parents.  They love you so much.  Watching them become parents has been such an honor.  I pray for their marriage – for them to model for you what a healthy marriage looks like.  I pray for your relationship with them.  Trust them sweet Lyla – they would do anything for you.  And when you’re a teenager and don’t like what they make you do or don’t allow you to do – remember they love you and want what’s best for you.  I pray for your someday husband already.  I pray he loves you the way you deserve to be loved.  I pray he treasures you.  I pray that he has a relationship with Jesus.  I pray for a happy and healthy life for you sweet baby girl.  I pray that we will have a precious relationship.  I pray that I’ll be able to teach you how to make cookies someday.  I pray that we’ll have tea parties and dress up play dates.  I pray that you will know how very much I love you.  I pray that I can teach you how very much Jesus loves you.  But for now, for today, sweet Lyla Rae….just rest in  my arms.  Thank you for being you.  I love you to the “stahs and back”.

Sleeping Lyla


Are you a parent?  Oma/Grandma yet?  How has that transition been for you?  Does it stir up emotions that you weren’t expecting?  Would love to hear your thoughts and stories!  Comment below and share them! 🙂


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